Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Restaurant Renaissance

The river-side restaurant at the newly opened Lebanese Family Club
For decades, the favourite past-time for Baghdadis has been to dine out, whether be it on the Tigris for 'masgouf' or at a cafe in down-town Baghdad. Recent years have seen a resurgence in new quality restaurants in a city where choices were limited during the sanction years. Today, Baghdad offers some of the finest cuisines available ranging from Chinese to traditional Iraqi. Depending on your taste and budget, these restaurants are sure to tempt your taste-buds.

Mazaya, a sophisticated modern restaurant in the Karrada district.
The dramatically themed black and white Lebanese restaurant at the newly opened Lebanese Family Club in Karrada. 

If you're naturally indecisive, Stella 62 is the place for you. Offering 4 levels of cafes and restaurants, this newly opened establishment caters to all. 

An old favourite, the Al-Reef Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria is a little piece of Rome in the heart of Baghdad. 

Al-Faqma is an institution on its own serving ice-creams and desserts that will surely satisfy.

The Chinese Restaurant offers something different for locals seeking to diversify their tastes

This turkish chain 'Pizza Pizza' offers pizzas amongst other things. It offers a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.
Ice Pack Ice-creams and cafe in Karrada
Al Ameerat Restaurant inside the Iraqi Hunting Club

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